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About Washington Cannabis Community

Changing the narrative around cannabis

We are a small company based in the Greater Seattle Area of Washington state. We deliver high-quality adventure travel experiences for residents and visitors of Washington. Our CBD and Hemp focused activities serve individuals 18+, while our Marijuana and THC focused activities serve individuals 21+.

Green Leisure Club was created to promote the positive benefits of Hemp, CBD, and Cannabis for the greater Washington state community. We provide activities, retreats, products, accessories, and more to help the Washington cannabis community relax in leisure. However, our community is as diverse as the number of strains of cannabis out there. Thus, we provide unique opportunities that allow each person to engage in ways that they feel most comfortable.


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PROMOTES RELAXATION: Cannabis is an herbal remedy that is used for relaxation throughout human history.

INCREASES HEALTH: Cannabis and cannabinoids are widely used to treat nausea, cancer cells, and weight loss.

RELIEVES PAIN: Cannabis use reduces inflammation and addresses chronic pain in users’ bodies.

SUSTAINABLE: Hemp is environmentally friendly since it uses no pesticides and less water than alternatives.

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We, at Green Leisure Club, provide a variety of services that allow our members to experience relaxation and the health benefits of cannabis. Our services fall within one of three categories: Adventure ToursLodging, or Social Connecting.

ADVENTURE TOURS: Consist of one-day and multi-day excursions for family, friends, and strangers to connect with one another over their shared love for Marijuana and CBD. Also, the trips include a variety of activities from hiking, stand-up paddle boarding, and much more.

LODGING: We manage a limited set of properties that are truly cannabis friendly and allow cannabis lovers to vacation while learning about Washington Cannabis community tourist activities and attractions while still being able to indulge in the comfort of their reserved rooms.

SOCIAL CONNECTING: Includes both virtual and in-person opportunities for our members to connect with one another to begin building friendships, relationships, business connections, and more.